TV Girl
LP - Who Really Cares

LP - Who Really Cares

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Taking What's Not Yours 3:25
Song About Me (feat. Maddie Acid) 4:03
Cigarettes Out The Window 3:18
Till You Tell Me To Leave 3:18
Not Allowed 2:47
(Do The) Act Like You Never Met Me 4:14
Safe Word 3:36
For You 3:35
Loving Machine 3:47
Heaven Is A Bedroom 4:38

A cult classic even within the insular world of America's most beloved
cult band. Who Really Cares may lack the bemused whimsy that made
their debut record so universally adored, but it is no less
kaleidoscopic and freewheeling in its obsession with suburban
America's collective raging id, garnering a ravenous following amongst
those whose interests skew towards the prurient and the macabre.

The vinyl is the obsolete media format of people with discerning
taste. And this record is much like every other record you have but
with one important difference: within those grooves lies the
mysterious and beguiling music of TV Girl's "cult classic" Who Really

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