TV Girl
LP - French Exit

LP - French Exit

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Pantyhose 2:57
Birds Don't Sing 3:29
Louise 3:14
Hate Yourself 3:34
The Getaway 3:44
Talk To Strangers 2:58
The Blonde 3:47
Daughter Of A Cop 2:34
Lovers Rock 3:34
Her And Her Friend 3:29
Come When You Call 3:38
Anjela 3:44

What more can be said of this album? What hyperbole not cliche? What
accolade not showered? What breathless tone not already adopted to
extol its virtues? And besides, wouldn't such praise amount to not
much more than tasteless braggadocio? For a rare bird need not degrade
itself with publicity, not when an aficionado would gladly sit for
hours in the dirt just to catch a glimpse of its feathers, much less
hold it in his hands.

The album that captured the heart of a nation is back on vinyl again!
Owning a physical copy will not only cement your bonafides as an
in-the-know "tastemaker," it will also act as a talisman providing
good luck even amidst the decline of Western Civilization.

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